The Power of Affirmation and The Power of Healing

A very important discipline in the life of any Christian believer is affirmation. By declaring the truths that are stated in scripture, we can ensure that we live in victory every day over negative thoughts and beliefs that can have material impacts upon our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. But are affirmations alone, able to… Continue reading The Power of Affirmation and The Power of Healing

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In July 2020, part of the Christian Events NZ site was migrated to a new one called Christian Converser, which you are reading now. This incorporates a few articles from the Christian Events NZ site. The CENZ site continues to run and receives redirected traffic from the domain. However this domain will not be… Continue reading Refocus

Discipleship and Discipline

As Christians we are sometimes known as “disciples of Christ”. We of course get that word from its use in the Bible, where in the four Gospels it referred to Jesus’ core team of 12. lists “disciple” with four definitions, the first three of which are related to Bible or church, and only the… Continue reading Discipleship and Discipline

Current Refresh

This site is now running as a free site. We retain the domain name which is redirecting to this site, and our Facebook page. Mainly the issue is that we haven’t finalised the expectation of what this site will be for and whether to change its domain name to more fully reflect where… Continue reading Current Refresh

Grace Vineyard City Campus Records New Albums

Over the period of Sunday – Monday 1-2 December, Grace Vineyard City Campus, Christchurch, recorded a children’s album and a worship album. These are now in post production for release sometime early 2020.