Christian Converser

General Commentary About How This Site Works

This site is a personal view on theological controversy that occurs in relation to the Christian faith, either between different churches, or between churches and secular organisations. Whilst we aim to highlight these issues, we have no agenda in naming and shaming people or churches, as is the type of thing that a number of organisations (often known as “discernment ministries”) have set themselves up to perform. The key reason for this is that we believe no one organisation has a monopoly on the truth of theological belief, but we do want to inform people of the issues relating to specific theologies so that they can make informed choices.

If we name specific ministries it will generally be the case that we are in support of them. If we are not in support of a specific ministry, most of the time we we would not expect to name that ministry, as our overwhelming preference is to avoid stirring up dissention within the church as a whole which we feel is an undesirable distraction from the valuable work that many are performing. We may choose to refer to a ministry as a part of a specific denomination or region.

Currently this site is using a WordPress domain and we are not planning to expand it to a custom domain at present as we do not expect it to become more significant for the present time. This helps preserve our privacy. We also have a no comments policy to remove from us the workload of having to vet people’s submissions.