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Recap: Governance and Accountability [1]

So in the last month there has been a lot of debate in the church worldwide about governance and accountability. This is an ongoing issue that has never not been controversial because these issues really cut to the heart of how churches are run and who they are run for. Jesus spoke very strongly about humility and servant leadership and this is at the heart of these matters. There have been in recent decades a number of prominent churches that have crashed and burned over these issues because, outside of cults, a church requires the confidence of its members to function and to achieve this, people need to have trust in the leadership. There’s a prominent church we have been observing closely since 2016, and where that church was in 2016 has changed markedly with an increased global presence in the past six years, but now that has come under question in a major way, mostly in relation to these particular issues.

The blog carried the first part of an article on governance models (ecclesiastical polity) last year, and the rest of that series will now be written up and posted over the coming weeks.