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“The American Conservative” Pans Trumpist Evangelical Electoral Campaign

Rod Dreher, the senior editor of “The American Conservative”, is hardly a R.I.N.O. (a pejorative slung at Republicans disdaining the Trump campaign’s shrill shrieking, meaning Republican In Name Only), nor would it be accurate to describe him as a C.I.N.O. (Christian In Name Only). He has, however, expressed a great of concern at the themes being fed by numerous “prophets” at Charisma Magazine and expressed in events such as the “Jericho March”, whereby participants did, in fact, circle the national and state capitols seven times “in the name of God” (and Trump).

Dreher has recently written a number of pointed epithets with titles like “Donald Trump Is Not The Messiah”. His page on the American Conservative website can be found here.



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