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The Power of Affirmation and The Power of Healing

A very important discipline in the life of any Christian believer is affirmation. By declaring the truths that are stated in scripture, we can ensure that we live in victory every day over negative thoughts and beliefs that can have material impacts upon our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. But are affirmations alone, able to help us overcome major spiritual barriers or bondages in our lives? The answer to that question is no.

If everyone who was struggling with major challenges in their lives, such as impacts of childhood abuse, or addictions, could simply say a few words and overcome those issues, then there would be no need for ministries of healing. The fact is, however, that people who have such struggles often endure such challenges for years until they receive their freedom. This is not by the power of affirmation, but by the power of healing. The difference is that whilst we can personally make an affirmation at any time, we cannot choose the timing of when healing will take place. Major healings are often a journey consisting of many steps over a lengthy period of years. And the fact is, God chooses the timing of when a particular step of healing takes place; we don’t.

The value of affirmations is that they give us the strength to get through our day to day struggles against major issues, but the power of such acts is temporary. We can continue to struggle against the major issue for a long time, one day at a time, making declarations of the truth of scripture that apply to our situations, until eventually God delivers our healing. And when He does, it often happens when we are just about at the end of our rope on the issue.






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